5 Social Media to-dos For Your Brand

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5 social media to-dos for your brand

Managing your business’s social media marketing can seem overwhelming at times, if not all the time. Although we all know we need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it seems like there is always a new social community we should join. To build your brand on social media, your efforts need to be consistent across your accounts. One of … Read More

6 Tips for Using Content Marketing on Social Media

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6 Tips for Using Content Marketing on Social Media

By now you should know that old school marketing strategies just don’t work like they used to. When was the last time you actually watched a commercial during your favorite TV show? Even if your audience isn’t utilizing the amazingly convenient DVR option that most major cable providers offer, there’s a good chance they’re looking at their phone or tablet … Read More

9 Online Marketing Strategies for Your Business

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For some entrepreneurs and small business owners, life can get real crazy real fast. And sometimes, in the mix of trying to balance managing your team with catering to your customers, we forget about marketing our business. Honestly, it’s pretty tough to scrape together the time to research, plan, and drive an effective marketing campaign. But the fact remains; you … Read More

Dealing with Customer Complaints on Social Media

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– Originally posted on www.BadRhinoRumblings.com – So you have a business. You’re selling a product, a service, or maybe a combination of both. Regardless, you have customers and with customers come complaints.  Even the most efficient business owner with the perfect product will run into complaints at some point. Things happen. Mistakes are made, and customers will let you know about … Read More

How to Get 500 Twitter Followers

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So everyday (and night) I’m online reading, researching, or just goofing around and constantly I see ads for “Get 10,000 followers today”, “How to get 1 million likes on Facebook”, “Turn your twitter into thousands of dollars”, etc. I’ll admit it, I’ve looked into a lot of these “tips and secrets”, and I’ve come to one concrete conclusion: getting 10,000 … Read More