Flight 2016 The Midwest Startup Conference Event of the Year

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Flight 2016 The Midwest Startup Conference Event of the Year – December 2, 2016 in Akron, Ohio The Midwest’s entrepreneurial game is strong, although many may not realize it now. This is precisely why ENI Multimedia has partnered with Launch League to bring influential leaders to Akron, Ohio for Flight 2016 – the Midwest startup conference event of the year. … Read More

4 Things Leaders Do that Others Don’t

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4 things leader do

(Originally posted at www.trepsunite.com) Leadership is something that a lot of people think they have, but is actually something most don’t have. The problem is, we sometimes think being a manager or “boss” is the same thing as being a leader. It’s not. In fact, some of the worst leaders in the world are managers. And some of the best … Read More

6 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Have

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6 Things Every Entreprenuer Must Have

(Originally posted at www.trepsunite.com) A lot of people mistake investors for entrepreneurs. Not everyone who buys a million dollar franchise is an entrepreneur. A lot of times, franchisees are people with money who see an opportunity to create an additional stream of revenue. For an entrepreneur, it’s typically less about the money, and more about the need to create and … Read More

3 Steps to Reignite Your Belief in Yourself

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(Originally posted at www.trepsunite.com) Believing in yourself may be one of the most difficult things we can do as entrepreneurs. We get beat down by failure, naysayers, and that pesky little voice in the back of our heads, telling us we’re not good enough. While the lack of belief in oneself is never a good thing, for entrepreneurs it can … Read More

Why I Left Gary an 84% Tip

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So I just had an awesome date night with my wife. Yes, a date night. We do these typically on Mondays because our son spends the night with my parents. However, that will change very soon, as we’re expecting our second child any day now. So tonight was a special one (well, more special than normal), because we’re not sure … Read More

How to be A Better Listener

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Communication is an absolute key element of your business. Unfortunately for some of us, communication includes listening to other people talk, as well as talking ourselves. One of the most valuable skills you can have as a leader is the ability to listen well. This is not always the easiest thing to do. Over my 15+ years of managing teams … Read More

I’m Not Lucky. I’m Fortunate.

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“I’m not lucky. I’m fortunate.” I adopted this life slogan when I was just a teenager. My brothers and I were fortunate to have a father who busted his butt his whole life so his kids could have a better life than he did. We weren’t rich and certainly not spoiled, but we always had nice Christmases and never had … Read More