Flight 2016 The Midwest Startup Conference Event of the Year

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Flight 2016 The Midwest Startup Conference Event of the Year – December 2, 2016 in Akron, Ohio The Midwest’s entrepreneurial game is strong, although many may not realize it now. This is precisely why ENI Multimedia has partnered with Launch League to bring influential leaders to Akron, Ohio for Flight 2016 – the Midwest startup conference event of the year. … Read More

4 Reasons Your Startup Business Needs a Website

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Let’s be real here: Building a startup business is tough. If your startup doesn’t operate in the digital world, creating and maintaining a website might seem like an unnecessary burden and even a waste of time, energy, and resources. The fact is, whether your business sells online or brick‐and‐mortar, B2B or B2C, locally or internationally, a presence online can be … Read More

8 Tips for the Part Time Entrepreneur

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8 Tips for the Part Time Entrepreneur

(Originally published at www.trepsunite.com) Starting your own business can be exciting, scary, and nerve-racking all at the same time. Building something from scratch can take some time, and most people don’t have the cash reserve to jump ship from their full-time job and dive into a new venture. This why you hear so much about the sidepreneur, or someone who … Read More

7 Rules of Selling You Should Live By

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7 Rules of Selling You Should Live By

(Originally published at www.trepsunite.com) Let’s face it; there are two very real truths about selling: 1. It’s essential to business growth 2. Nobody wants to be sold. The contradictory nature of these two truths can make being a salesperson very difficult, and frustrating. You want to share your product or service with someone because you know you can help. But … Read More

4 Things Leaders Do that Others Don’t

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4 things leader do

(Originally posted at www.trepsunite.com) Leadership is something that a lot of people think they have, but is actually something most don’t have. The problem is, we sometimes think being a manager or “boss” is the same thing as being a leader. It’s not. In fact, some of the worst leaders in the world are managers. And some of the best … Read More

6 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Have

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6 Things Every Entreprenuer Must Have

(Originally posted at www.trepsunite.com) A lot of people mistake investors for entrepreneurs. Not everyone who buys a million dollar franchise is an entrepreneur. A lot of times, franchisees are people with money who see an opportunity to create an additional stream of revenue. For an entrepreneur, it’s typically less about the money, and more about the need to create and … Read More

9 Online Marketing Strategies for Your Business

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For some entrepreneurs and small business owners, life can get real crazy real fast. And sometimes, in the mix of trying to balance managing your team with catering to your customers, we forget about marketing our business. Honestly, it’s pretty tough to scrape together the time to research, plan, and drive an effective marketing campaign. But the fact remains; you … Read More

How to Network Better

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How to Network Better

(Originally published at www.gfda.co) Even though there are like, 5,000 articles online providing advice on how to network effectively, some people still manage to really suck at it.   If you’ve taken the time to register, dress to impress, and drive to an event with the hopes to make some new contacts, it’s important to remember that it’s not about … Read More

Failure Is Not An Option. It Is Required.

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(Originally posted at www.trepsunite.com) I recently spoke to a small class of entrepreneurs at an Arts and Design College. I could have spoke about planning, or marketing strategies, or even time management. All of these would have been great topics and provided great benefit for them. I chose to talk about failure. I simply told them, “You’re all going to … Read More