I’m Not Lucky. I’m Fortunate.

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“I’m not lucky. I’m fortunate.”

I adopted this life slogan when I was just a teenager. My brothers and I were fortunate to have a father who busted his butt his whole life so his kids could have a better life than he did. We weren’t rich and certainly not spoiled, but we always had nice Christmases and never had the electric turned off on us. A lot of folks in my hometown thought we had a lot more money than we did. And a lot of people used to tell me my dad was ‘one of the lucky ones’. Why is he lucky? Because he worked 50 hours a week while attending college full time? Or maybe because he sacrificed time with his family and friends in order to give us a better life? My father wasn’t lucky. He was fortunate to have been accepted to college and then he worked hard to graduate while advancing himself to an executive position at a manufacturing company. I don’t give credit to luck. I give credit to my dad’s work ethic and drive.You see, for some reason people tend to think successful people are lucky and those who fail are unlucky. I’ve never liked the idea of luck. I’ve been told I’m lucky. If that’s the case, I’d play the lottery a lot more. Fact is, the most I’ve ever won on a lotto ticket is another lotto ticket, which wielded a lesser reward than the first. Not to mention, I’ve failed at a lot of things. Not because of bad luck. I’ve never chalked up my failures to bad luck. I realized a long time ago that most people who claim to have bad luck really just tend to make a lot of bad decisions but refuse to take responsibility for those decisions.There are countless examples of successful people who could’ve found an excuse for their failures or chalked them up to “bad luck”. But instead, they took each failure as a lesson and used them to perfect their craft and eventually succeeded. We like to say they are lucky, but the truth is, they are fortunate to have had the failures that taught them how to better build their businesses.

Life is rough. You’re going to fail. Do yourself a favor and get over it now. The next time you fail, consider yourself fortunate to have gained that new experience and knowledge.


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