How to Get 500 Twitter Followers

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So everyday (and night) I’m online reading, researching, or just goofing around and constantly I see ads for “Get 10,000 followers today”, “How to get 1 million likes on Facebook”, “Turn your twitter into thousands of dollars”, etc. I’ll admit it, I’ve looked into a lot of these “tips and secrets”, and I’ve come to one concrete conclusion: getting 10,000 followers on twitter is pretty hard. So I started to think to myself, “I wish someone would just tell me how to get to 500 followers first.”

So this will be the first of a few posts about how to get more followers on twitter. I’m not going to tell you you’ll get 10,000 or even 1,000, but I will tell you how I’ve gotten a few twitter profiles to 2,000+ followers and my current profile to 2,300+. Once I hit 5,000 followers, I’ll post more on how to get there. The 1,000 followers mark is a tough one to get past. I think its mainly because once you hit 1k, gaining another 5-15 doesn’t seem like much. But if you can just consistently gain 25-50 everyday, you’ll grow fairly quickly.

“But wait Jeff. I’m new to twitter and only have 15 followers. How do I get 50?”

FIRST OFF: Set a goal to get 100 new followers this month.

How do you do that?
There are a million different “tips” and “secrets” out there telling you how to get more followers, but most of them don’t work. There is no easy way to gain followers. It takes some time, creativity, and work. Here are just a couple things to focus on when growing your followers:

1. Follow others as you would have others follow you
Let’s face it; twitter is a pretty egotistical platform. We all believe that what we’re doing or what we think is so important that others should follow us and hang on our every 140 character thought. If you want followed, so do others. Follow people and they will follow you back (most of the time). Make sure you follow anyone who follows you as well. Don’t play the twitego game. Also, make sure to follow people with common interests. Typically, their followers are interested in similar topics, so they are more likely to follow you as well. Once someone follows you, you need to become a source of something for them. A source of knowledge, humor, or some form of connection to something important.

2. Be creative and interesting
So now you have new followers. They’ve decided to follow you for one of two reasons: 1:You followed them and they are showing twitter courtesy. OR 2:You followed them and they thought you might be interesting. Don’t disappoint them. You nee to give them a reason to continue to follow you. Whether it’s retweeting stories from other interesting sources, telling jokes, tweeting funny pics, or providing quality information and becoming a resource for them.

3. Stay active
Twitter is a constant flow of information for its users. People want to be entertained or informed. Don’t sit idle on twitter; be active. Actively follow others, provide new content, and converse with your followers. Get to know them; check out their profiles, web sites, blogs, etc. Thank people for following and for retweeting or favoriting your tweets and do the same for them. If someone tweets at you, respond to them and build that relationship.

Consistently follow new people with similar interests and actively provide your followers with quality content and you’ll see the 500 mark come pretty quickly.

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