Can 5 Minutes Make You Successful?

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can 5 minutes make you successful

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Recently, someone wrote me the following email:


Hi Jeff,
I kind of already use all these strategies. Lately though I am stuck in the not feeling appreciated phase. It seems some people feel they can somehow take advantage of you when you are good natured. so what do I do then? really I hate being stuck and I feel bitterness creeping in.
Please your advice

There’s a good chance you’re feeling what she was feeling. If you are, read on for my response to her…


I am so familar with what you’re feeling… its scary how much I understand. I have always been more apt to help someone and do more for someone, before thinking of charging extra.

A good friend of mine, the amazing Danielle Louise Ross (of BrandYouBusiness) once told me this:

“By not charging them, or by letting them walk all over you… you’re actually being selfish. You’re allowing them to deminish the value of what you do, which will make them appreciate it (and you) less, which could eventually lead to them leaving you as a client and no longer utilizing the amazing skills and services you offer.”

Thats a little tough to grasp, I know. But, it all adds up to this:

By allowing yourself to feel unappreciated, you risk letting that bitterness take over, which can lead to you caring less or reacting differently to criticism or challenges. All of this can lead to failure.

Something I do every morning, to help keep myself feeling good and focused on the positives, is use an app on my iPhone called “The 5 Minute Journal“. I believe it costs a couple dollars, and it is a very simple app. It prompts you every morning and every night, to answer a couple questions:

  • What are 3 things you’re greatful for?
  • What will make today great?

And it prompts you to type daily affirmations. THESE ARE HUGE. People (including me) feel weird typing and/or saying these everyday, but they help.

Do this.

Then, in the evening, it will prompt you to answer:

  • What 3 amazing things happened today?
  • What could have made today better?


Its an awesome app that encourages reflection, planning, and consistently telling yourself how awesome you are. By consistently reminding yourself of what you are working toward, and the fact that you will succeed, you will embed this mindset in yourself, making you more likely to approach prospects with confidence, close more sales, and increase your productivity every day. If you stick to this, I promise you will see a transformation in how you wake up, go to bed, and feel every day.


Good luck and stay positive!



I’ll let you in on a little secret; my daily affirmations:

I am an awesome father.
I am an awesome husband.
I am an awesome coach.
I help people chase their dreams.
I will be successful.
I will give my family the life they deserve.

I say them every morning. Some days I believe them more than others, but I say them every morning and they stick with me all day.



Challenge Accepted?

After reading this, email me and let me know your daily affirmations.


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