5 Social Media to-dos For Your Brand

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5 social media to-dos for your brand

Managing your business’s social media marketing can seem overwhelming at times, if not all the time. Although we all know we need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it seems like there is always a new social community we should join.

To build your brand on social media, your efforts need to be consistent across your accounts. One of the most common mistakes we see is brand attempting to be on every new social site. But the flat-out truth is, there just isn’t enough time in your day to effectively utilize every social site out there, so focus is key.

Keep your efforts consistent by focusing on these five essential to-dos for your social media marketing

1. Focus on the Few
Like I said, the most common mistake we see is brands attempting to be on every social network available. When businesses try this, they tend to see their social media marketing efforts fall short because their resources are spread too thin. So, instead of worrying about being on all the newest, focus on 2-3 key platforms.

To know which platforms you need to be on, layout what your goals are for your social media efforts; who you’re trying to reach, where they are, and how they prefer to engage with your brand. You most certainly need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean they need to be your primary focus. Depending on your target audience, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube may be the way to go.

Do some research and figure out where your audience is and where they tend to engage, and direct your focus appropriately.

2. Remember it’s Not All About You
Another common mistake we see brands make on social media is only sharing their own content. Your social media profiles are not billboards or commercial spots. They’re a means for providing value to yoru audience and building strong relationships.

Let’s be real here: creating enough content to consistent post on multiple social channels is tough. It’s even more difficult to consistently create high quality content. Sharing content from other quality sources is the most effective way to get around this hurdle.

Don’t be afraid to send your audience to other sites or profiles. Your audience will appreciate the value you provide and they’ll learn that when your brand shares a link, they’ll get value from clicking. This makes them more likely to click the links to your content when shared. We recommend sharing content from other, reliable sources about 70% of the time. The other 30% should be your original content.

3. Plan Accordingly
One of the most daunting pieces of your social media marketing is the creation of content. If you wait to create or curate content at the time you need to post, you’ll be creating more headaches than anything. Take some time to layout a content calendar. Be sure to include holidays, company and industry events, and other noteworthy dates. Set yourself up with a schedule of upcoming posts so when the day comes, your daily workload is lessened.

Your content calendar can be as simple or in depth as needed, as long as it is easy for you to maintain and utilize. Here’s a nice sample content calendar from Buffer, who has an awesome article on how to create your own content calendar here.

The second piece of your content planning is scheduling. There’s a good chance you have responsibilities outside of social media, so being ready to post your content at the right time, all the time, is close to impossible. Using one of the many scheduling tools available to your business can help you plan and automate your social media marketing. Here are a few of the best we’ve found. Each has its own unique advantages, but they all share one: they’ll save you time!

4. Embed it into Your Routine
Your social media marketing has a lot of parts to it; content creation, content curation, scheduling and posting, audience engagement, analytics, etc. Keeping it all organized and consistent won’t happen unless it becomes a part of your daily routine.

Schedule specific times on specific days for each of your social media tasks, and stick to it. Doing this will make the work feel less daunting.

5. Engage With Your Audience
All the twitter follows and facebook fans in the world will do your brand no good if there is no interaction with them. I say it all the time; it’s called “social” media for a reason…be social! Engaging with your audience allows for immediate feedback and the opportunity to connect with your fans on a more personal level.

Letting people know you’re interested in what they have to say, that you care about what they think, and that you’re there for them if there are any issues will have a strong positive impact on how they see your brand. A personal connection creates loyalty, as people prefer to buy from brands they know, like, and trust.

Plan specific time each day to check in on your profiles and communicate with your audience. Answer questions, favorite tweets, repost content from other profiles, and listen to what your audience is telling you. Even just a few minutes a day will increase your social media marketing success drastically.

Whether you’re managing social media for a major corporation, and small business, or your own personal brand, consistency is key. But consistency can be tough when your time is limited. Focus on these to-dos and direct your efforts accordingly to increase your social media marketing efficiency.

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