4 Things Leaders Do that Others Don’t

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4 things leader do

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Leadership is something that a lot of people think they have, but is actually something most don’t have. The problem is, we sometimes think being a manager or “boss” is the same thing as being a leader. It’s not. In fact, some of the worst leaders in the world are managers. And some of the best leaders in the world are nowhere near the top of the corporate food chain.

A leader can come in many shapes and sizes, make any level salary, and hold any position within a team. Simply put: a leader isn’t someone who has the power to tell people to follow them. A leader is someone who inspires people to follow them.

There are quite a few things leader do that others don’t. Here are just four of those things. As you read, think about how you lead. Do you do these 4 things?

1. Teach.
Instead of disciplining a team member when he/she makes a mistake, leaders see an opportunity to teach them something. When an employee messes up, chances are they know it. No good will come from yelling and screaming. Good leaders understand this. They don’t waste their breath yelling. Instead, they realize that when someone makes a mistake, their morale typically drops. A strong leader will teach their team that mistakes happen, but we must learn from these mistakes and stay on course.

2. Inspire.
A true leader has vision and instills that vision in his team. Her vision inspires others to work harder and go further. The true mark of a leader is the ability to inspire others to dream and to have their own visions. Once others have their own vision, a leader will help them follow it.

3. Lead.
People follow managers because they’re afraid of losing their job. People follow leaders because they’re afraid of losing their respect. A real leader is the first one in and last one out. He never asks anyone to do something he wouldn’t do himself. He is always ready and willing to listen, learn, and grow himself. A real leader leads by example and works with his team to help them do the same.

4. Never Settle.
A lot of people can’t see the difference between ‘satisfied’ and ‘happy’. You can be happy, but not satisfied. You can be financially independent, have achieved great success, and be truly happy without being satisfied with what you’ve accomplished. Leaders will always strive for more. It’s what makes them so successful. They never accept where they are as the best they can be.

Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. And there are a lot of different types of leaders in the world. But if you look at any good leader, you’ll find they do these four things. They may do them in different ways, but they get them done. So ask yourself, do I do these things?