3 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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1. Inconsistent Branding
I see it far too often; a company has a nice website with a nice logo, color scheme,etc. Then you go to their facebook, twitter, pinterest, or other social sites, and the colors are different, their logo is not present, and their slogan or catch phrase are nowhere to be found. You want your customers to become familiar with not only your name, but your look as well. In fact, a lot of times people may not even remember your company’s name, but they remember your logo or that catch phrase you have. Work with your designer and get consistent across all outlets.

2. Not Tracking
Social media can be a huge source of business for you, but it can also be a waste of your (or your team’s) time. Not every social media platform is right, or necessary, for every business. I would say facebook and twitter are a must for almost every small business, but tracking your return from each platform may prove differently. Get your business involved on 2-3 sites and track them to see what works and what doesn’t. Then focus on what works.

3. Ignoring It
Some business owners think social media is just silly nonsense or just something kids goof around on. These people have not taken the time and effort to learn what it really is. Connecting with people on social networks allows you to truly show them who you are and get them interested in what you do. Connect with your customers and let them into your world. They’re much more likely to work with you if you stay true and real.

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2 Comments on “3 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make”

  1. Washington, DC

    Yeah, this is a hot topic as of late. Everyone wants a brand. But, spend little time and resources building a quality brand. I’m up to my eyelids on branding techniques. Yikes! Time consuming but needed!

    1. enimultimedia

      Yeah, its sad to watch a lot of small businesses waste time, energy, and money on attempting to build that brand but not having a consistent theme and leaving customers confused.

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