5 Reasons You Should Quit Being in A Band

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Over the past 15 years, I have dedicated my life to music and helping musicians to become more educated and self sufficient. I started off like you; a local musician in a local band playing the local scene. When I finally found a stable band to play with, I was 21 and the other guys (who were phenomenal musicians who … Read More

How to Get 500 Twitter Followers

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So everyday (and night) I’m online reading, researching, or just goofing around and constantly I see ads for “Get 10,000 followers today”, “How to get 1 million likes on Facebook”, “Turn your twitter into thousands of dollars”, etc. I’ll admit it, I’ve looked into a lot of these “tips and secrets”, and I’ve come to one concrete conclusion: getting 10,000 … Read More

I’m Not Lucky. I’m Fortunate.

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“I’m not lucky. I’m fortunate.” I adopted this life slogan when I was just a teenager. My brothers and I were fortunate to have a father who busted his butt his whole life so his kids could have a better life than he did. We weren’t rich and certainly not spoiled, but we always had nice Christmases and never had … Read More